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Dream as if you'll live {forever}, live as if you'll die {today}

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Pony Finals?

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted anything for a while! I’ve been so busy getting things packed for KY. It’s pretty hectic. Well I’m sooo excited xD we haul out tomarrow morning bright and early 4 a.m., ohh joy. xD 

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Perfect Ponyy.

Hey! Okay so on Sunday I got up superr early and went to watch the little girl from my barn do her first horseshow on her new pony, Tommy!! Yes, she bought him and they are amazing together xD She only weighs about 45 pounds and he is only 3 and they are just toooo cute. :) So it was a benifit schooling show for TH (Therapeutic Horsemanship) and Little Tom “Tomarrow’s Headline” and Dani got champion in ground poles! everyone was so proud of her xD so yess it was so cute! and then I rode with my trainer back to the barn and tacked up Cal pony. Well he was AMAZINGGGGG in my lesson, like SO FREAKING GOOD. He is the besttt. So yes he was amazingg in my lesson :) and PONY FINALS IN 8 DAYS!!!! 

<3 Maddieee and Pep Talk